Morrow Sodali celebrates 50 years - John Wilcox

Morrow Sodali celebrates 50 years

by John C. Wilcox

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If there’s one key insight Morrow Sodali has gained from advising corporate clients for 50 years, it is that maintaining a leadership role requires foresight and creativity in dealing with changing market conditions. Morrow Sodali’s trajectory over the past five decades has placed it at the center of the most urgent and critical issues impacting corporations and the capital markets. The firm has consistently delivered value to clients during a succession of transformative changes: the rise of collective investment and institutional asset managers, the hostile takeover era, the evolution of corporate governance, escalating shareholder activism, globalization, technological innovation, the retreat from shareholder primacy, the emergence of stakeholders and the reorientation of capitalism to embrace goals of diversity, equity, inclusiveness and sustainability.

Morrow Sodali’s job today, as it was 50 years ago and will be for the next 50 years, is to anticipate market expectations and provide clients with the strategic advice and services they need to adapt to change. Morrow Sodali’s success is measured in the success of its clients dealing with change and delivering sustainable value to stakeholders.

Five distinguishing characteristics contributed to Morrow Sodali’s global growth in the past and will continue to drive the firm’s success in the future:

  1. From the start, Morrow Sodali adopted a philosophy of value creation based on planning, preparation and prevention rather than last-minute reaction. By staying ahead of issues and analyzing market expectations, the firm has enabled corporate clients to avoid problems before they occur and move forward to achieve strategic business goals.
  2. The firm has positioned itself at the midpoint between the corporations that are our clients and the institutional investors and shareholders who own them. The firm has always understood that it must establish credibility with owners and maintain their trust in order to bring their views unfiltered to our clients, communicate the company perspective and enable the parties to engage constructively.
  3. The firm has invested in an expanding mix of related capabilities – including proxy solicitation, M&A and activism transaction mechanics, data and financial market analytics, governance advisory and ESG expertise, debt and mutual fund services - these integrated capabilities contribute to the market relationships, strategic insights and comprehensive coverage necessary to meet the challenges facing corporations in today’s rapidly evolving market.
  4. The firm has expanded globally, building world-class teams, promoting cultural diversity in the workplace and assembling a network of offices and representatives around the world that parallel the global profile of asset owners and asset managers.
  5. The firm has been the industry thought leader, in many cases being among the first to define issues affecting companies, while working with the business community, regulators, NGOs, investors and other market influencers responding to change.