Professional development at Morrow Sodali:

Morrow Sodali has allowed me to follow my career path aspirations, while working with colleagues in other countries and jurisdictions who are assisting issuers. Being part of a global company, I can share my experiences and draw from my colleagues’ expertise. I consider myself an innovator and I enjoy working for an organization that is an industry leader, having been ranked #1 among proxy solicitors in U.S M&A transactions by The Deal and #2 among proxy solicitors acting for corporate clients in activism situations in Refinitiv’s Global Shareholder Activism Scorecard.

Generating value creation for our clients:

Staying in tune with our clients’ needs and their key stakeholders is key to Morrow Sodali’s success. In today's economy, value creation comes in the form of product offerings, creative innovation and fulfilling unique customer needs, not only with speed but with precision. The key is to facilitate the outcomes and achieve client objectives, turning those one-time campaigns into long-term clients. All in all, we are focused on nurturing our clients and their Boards to help them navigate through the ongoing challenges they are consistently facing.

The growing importance of ESG and sustainability for our clients:

The world continues to change at an unprecedented pace. Gone are the days of being complacent about environmental issues and social governance. Companies are being held accountable more than ever for implementing ESG initiatives. Significant events and shifts in global health, politics, geopolitics and climate change are transforming behaviors within the financial markets and at companies that are beholden to their stakeholders.

Corporations are looking for ways to ensure investor confidence during these challenging times. That’s why issuers need to focus on disclosing meaningful ESG targets and metrics. Investors expect boards to understand ESG topics and incorporate related risks and opportunities into the company’s ongoing strategies. Ongoing disclosure and strategic investor engagement will continue to help demonstrate authenticity and build trust.

How globalization is changing the future of global corporations and our role in helping our clients realize that future:

Many believe that the move toward globalization has slowed down as new, complex issues arise. The pandemic and international conflicts like the crisis in Ukraine have led to a dramatic decline in goods being traded, investments being made and the movement of people. Yet some would say that now there is a new type of globalization emerging. This “new globalization” is based on digital services, research and development, data, technology, ideas and other intangibles. As an international company, we have the means to stay at the forefront of these issues and help steer our clients’ futures, globally.

The role of technology in advancing our mission and our vision for bringing value to our clients:

Morrow Sodali's mission is to bring together all the expertise, information, technology and resources that companies need to be able to engage effectively with shareholders and maximize support for their business initiatives. The Morrow Sodali Global Platform enables our teams to interact and leverage our collective expertise and proprietary data, which has taken decades to collect. As we continue to grow globally, speaking on behalf of our Canadian team who have recently joined Morrow Sodali, we are excited about enhancing the platform with our data and sharing our experiences and relationships to continue driving Morrow Sodali’s success to new heights, in shareholder engagement and consulting.

The biggest opportunities Morrow Sodali is planning for and seizing on, as we enter our sixth decade:

Our biggest opportunities remain in investing in technology, expertise and the fostering of old and new business relationships. Seizing new opportunities and successfully surpassing clients’ goals and objectives will help us to continue to build our impressive client roster and achievements. We want to continue being the one-stop shop our clients go to for all their Governance and shareholder needs. More importantly, fostering relationships new and old, makes us an essential strategic partner at the Board and C-suite level, legal advisors community and with institutional investors, who think of us first for all their business and engagement needs.

The best thing about working at Morrow Sodali:

The best thing about working at Morrow Sodali is its people! I have access to individuals worldwide with extensive expertise and knowledge. There is so much talent in this firm and I’m proud to be among such a distinguished group of thought leaders, worldwide.