Professional development at Morrow Sodali:

I’ve been so impressed with the growth and transformation that I have seen after 15 years at Morrow Sodali. Since we began operations in Europe, we have taken our business very personally, paying attention to the smallest of details. I love how our passion has developed over the years, and how it has been adopted by the newer colleagues. This is probably our most impressive achievement, as it not only reflects how we work, but also explains how and why we provide value to our clients.

Generating value creation for our clients:

We want to always be in line with investors’ expectations. Expectations are evolving faster than anyone anticipated. What was valid for a company one year ago, might be useless next year. Investors often change their short and long-term objectives, so we need to be aware of their evolution and changing goals, while understanding and embracing the trends. Being able to maneuver is key for anyone who doesn’t want to be hit with surprises.

How globalization is changing the future of global corporations and our role in helping our clients realize that future:

In my opinion, adapting to globalization is all a necessary part of the process of working with clients. Media and information technology drive globalization, and this will continue in the long-term, as global events occur. That said, there will always be different opinions and expectations about how to approach globalization. Diversity, in terms of cultural behavior, investment strategy, non-financial expectations or good governance will all be impacted by globalization.

The role of technology in advancing our mission and our vision for bringing value to our clients:

In the advisory industry, we need to rely on technology to support operations, but human knowledge and expertise will continue to be key for our clients and for us. Technology will serve as a tool to exchange knowledge, experience, record market trends and collect data, but it will not replace the interaction required to understand this information and that is where we bring value to our clients.

The biggest opportunities Morrow Sodali is planning for and seizing on, as we enter our sixth decade:

We want to be a reference point for our clients, when dealing with non-financial investor expectations. While we provide several services in the ESG & proxy solicitation advisory field, there are still many situations where clients rely on our advice and collaboration to come up with successful results.

The best thing about working at Morrow Sodali:

One of the best things about working here is the dynamic and challenging work we do. We embrace the challenge of working in an international company with more than 200 employees, spread in 14 countries. To be able to see how rich and helpful this international interaction is for our clients is priceless.