08 Jan 2011 • Capital Abierto • Articles Cuidado com eles

The article describes the influence of Proxy Advisors in the Brazilian markets during the AGM 2011 season and highlights high profile cases in which negative

08 Jan 2011 • Edward Rock • Articles Shareholder Eugenics in the Public Corporation

In a world of active, empowered shareholders, the match between shareholders and public corporations potentially affects firm value. This Article examines th

01 Sep 2010 • Capital Abierto • Articles Desconfianca no ar

At the end of the proxy season, the article reasons on the results of the introduction of electronic proxy voting in Brazil

06 Apr 2010 • Il Sole 24 Ore • Articles Governance centrale per attrarre capitali

Governance plays a central role in attracting shareholders  - Sodali 's Governance advisory team emphasizes the value of a correct governance struct

01 Mar 2010 • Financial Times • Articles A Meeting of Minds

The article summarizes the issues European companies will have to consider carefully in planning their Annual General Meetings - including the likely increas

20 Jan 2010 • Expansión • Articles La comunicacion abre una ventana al consejo

Article on the speech that John Wilcox gave at the Bolsa de Madrid. The subject was "Broadening the scope of the Investor Relations function: are Invest

04 Jan 2010 • Financial News • Articles Shareholders come out of their shells

The article forecasts increased shareholder dissent at 2010 AGMs. John Wilcox, Chairman of Sodali, recommends companies to design directors' pay packages

31 Oct 2009 • Hrima Magazine • Articles Corporate Governance should be considered a benefit and not an obligation

John Wilcox argues that the application of corporate transparency contributes to the strengthening of harmonious relations between management directors and m

09 May 2009 • CNBC • Articles Shareholders want a 'Say on Pay'

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