26 Jul 2017 • Ronald Orol - The Street, US • Articles Peltz Must Target Retail Investors In P&G Fight

In a recent chat with The Street's Ronald Orol on activist Nelson Peltz and his target, Procter & Gamble Co, Thomas Ball, proxy and M&A managing dir

21 Jul 2017 • Come si stanno muovendo gli hedge fund in Europa e Stati Uniti - Formiche, Italy • Articles Latest European activism trends

"During the first semester of 2017, there has been a slight decrease in activism on the main European markets: going from 62 cases to 55," commen

10 Jul 2017 • Proxy advisors: un seguimento riguroso de los Consejos - Consejeros, Spain • Articles Proxy Advisors: A rigorous monitoring of the Board of Directors

In a recent chat with the magazine Consejeros, Borja Miranda, Director Morrow Sodali Spain, was asked to comment on board dinamycs and corporate governance matt

27 Jun 2017 • Paul De Nicola - PWC, USA • Interviews What's Trending In Corporate Governance Today?

From hedge fund activism to board refreshment, corporate governance is very much front and center in today’s business conversation. Morrow Sodali's ch

22 Jun 2017 • The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia • Articles No more quiet chats? Australia becomes new frontier for shareholder disruption

"Whereas before it was quite normal for companies to address any potential shareholder activism in Australia behind closed doors, only now is there a real

17 Jun 2017 • Ubi minor, maior cessat - Milano Finanza, Italy • Articles Italy, minority shareholders’ weight on the rise

The weight of minority shareholders’ on Italian listed companies is constantly increasing and this is mostly due to foreign institutional investors.

16 Jun 2017 • Sky News - Australia • Interviews Maria Leftakis on Sky News on shareholder communication and engagement

"At the end of the day, like any situation... you talk about deals, takeover bids, mergers, transactions... it's a risk of deal completion and for the

07 Jun 2017 • Evaluating Board Skills | Governance & Business Strategy • Articles Evaluating board skills

"A board skills matrix can be a useful governance tool and is valuable to investors," commented Francesco Surace from Morrow Sodali on ICSA The Govern

06 Jun 2017 • Claves para diseñar con éxito la política retributiva del consejo - Expansion, Spain • Articles Key factors to consider when designing a successful remuneration policy for the Board

“It’s necessary to listen to the market, take the message on board and adapt it to the company’s culture, in order to then reflect this in the

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