01 Feb 2018 • Morrow Sodali • Articles Institutional Investor Survey 2018

Institutional Investors with assets under management of USD 31 trillion want more detailed disclosure from portfolio companies about their boards of directors,

04 Dec 2017 • Morrow Sodali • Articles Morrow Sodali appoints Jean-Florent Rérolle as Managing Director

Jean-Florent Rérolle has joined Morrow Sodali as Managing Director. Based in Paris, Jean-Florent will represent Morrow Sodali in France and will be respo

28 Nov 2017 • Listed@ASX - Asutralia • Articles The third way

Australia's big asset managers are ramping up scrutiny of listed company boards. Yet little seems to be changing when it comes to holding individual directo

27 Nov 2017 • Giacomo Fiorenzi - MAG, Legalcommunity, Italy • Articles Executive remuneration and market engagement

Transparency on executive remuneration is more and more perceived as a "door" to the Board of Directors and Say on Pay vote has become increasingly im

16 Nov 2017 • Ethical Boardroom • Articles Remuneration practices in 2017

"Executive remuneration is increasingly perceived by stakeholders as a window into how the board sets the strategy and how it motivates management. The sa

10 Nov 2017 • Remunerazione vertici, che cosa succede nelle assemblee delle quotate in Europa - Formiche, Italy • Articles Executive remuneration landscape in Europe

For what concerns the approval of remuneration policies of chairmen and CEOs in listed companies, Italy is in pole position in Europe. During the annual

05 Oct 2017 • ABC • Interviews Michael Chandler talks about remuneration and ESG issues on ABC

"Last year was a surprise to us, we saw higher level of dissent on remuneration than we had expected, particularly when you think that we are now six years

28 Aug 2017 • Guadagneranno felici e contenti - L'Economia, Italy • Articles SEC's CEO pay ratio rule to probably fade

The transparency requirement dictated by the "CEO pay ratio rule" will probably fade before being applied. The SEC rule - which requires com

10 Jul 2017 • Proxy advisors: un seguimento riguroso de los Consejos - Consejeros, Spain • Articles Proxy Advisors: A rigorous monitoring of the Board of Directors

In a recent chat with the magazine Consejeros, Borja Miranda, Director Morrow Sodali Spain, was asked to comment on board dinamycs and corporate governance matt

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