29 Jul 2015 •, Italy • Articles Bpm, Bper, Veneto Banca. Ecco come cambieranno le Popolari

"The reform of the Banche Popolari is a turning point: the new banks turned into spa will no longer be in the hands of the partners, but the shareholders" Formi

07 Jul 2015 • Top Legal, Italy • Articles Il voto maggiorato - Governance aumentata

Following the Roundtable on Voto Maggiorato managed by Curtis, on Top Legal Andrea Di Segni expresses the opinion and uncertainties of International Investors t

03 Jun 2015 • Les Echos, France • Articles Assemblées générales : les actionnaires haussent le ton

“A single logic this year: the level of information transparency. The companies that have improved their communication were rewarded with high scores; others

13 May 2015 • Les Echos, France • Articles Salaires des patrons : l’Europe prête à durcir les règles

Discussing on the revision of the European directive on shareholder rights, the need to disclose the identification of shareholders holding more than 0.5 % of

30 Mar 2015 • Corriere Economia • Articles Popolari: voto plurimo per le Spa, e la Vicenza punta sul 'Borsino'

Alvise Recchi, Sodali's CEO, comments on Voto Maggiorato and the Reform for Cooperative Banks in Italy. He states that Voto Maggiorato, although it has t

27 Mar 2015 • Morrow Sodali • Articles Nuevo código de buen gobierno corporativo: Spanish press review

Spanish press review about the conference on the New Spanish Corporate Governance Code managed by IEB in Madrid together with Borja Miranda, Sodali Director

18 Mar 2015 • IEB press conference, Madrid • Articles The new Governance Code in Spain according to IEB

Borja Miranda, Sodali Director for Spain, and Enrique Pérez-Hernández, Member of the Advisory Board, joined the Press conference on the new Spa

02 Feb 2015 • Les Echos • Articles Loi Florange, retraites chapeaux... les enjeux clef des AG 2015

Les Echos takes its annual look at what will be the issues for the upcoming Proxy Season in France. The Florange Law by which registered shareholders for 2 y

19 Nov 2014 • Les Echos • Articles Bourse: les futurs gagnants et perdants des droits de vote double

  Les Echos summarizes which companies, because they don't already offer double voting rights to long term registered shareholders, may be impac

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