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03 November 2019 • Articles

El País Negocios

An Emissary to Convince Shareholders

30 October 2019 • Articles

Australian Financial Review

Morrow Sodali kicks off Cromwell Property pitch

29 January 2019 • Interviews

Activist Insight Online

Morrow Sodali brings fund solicitations in house

05 November 2018 • Articles

La Repubblica

It is time for targeted shareholder agreements

23 July 2018 • Articles

Milano Finanza - Manuel Follis

Board lists: a new trend in Italy

06 January 2018 • Interviews

Fondi padroni in Borsa. I big aprano al dialogo - Il Giornale, Italy

The importance of increasing shareholders' communications

28 November 2017 • Articles

Australian Institute of Corporate Directors

AGM Season Heats Up

17 June 2017 • Articles

Ubi minor, maior cessat - Milano Finanza, Italy

Italy, minority shareholders’ weight on the rise

12 April 2017 • Articles

Ex-popolari, i fondi votano per la continuità di governance - Il Sole 24 Ore, Italy

Former Banche Popolari: investors vote for governance continuity

29 March 2017 • Articles

2017 Institutional Investor Survey - HLS Forum on corporate governance and Financial Regulation, US

Morrow Sodali Institutional Investor Survey on HLS Forum on corporate governance and Financial Regulation

13 March 2017 • Articles

Los fondos presionan para mejorar el buen gobierno - Expansion, Spain

Funds pressure to enhance good governance - Expansion on Morrow Sodali's Institutional Investor Survey

01 March 2017 • Articles

Corporate governance is no longer just about the Annual Meeting


27 February 2017 • Articles

Piazza Affari, quando i fondi alzano la voce - MAG, Italy

Boards' renewals: increased participation of minority shareholders is the new trend

09 February 2017 • Articles

Banche, così l'instabilità allontana i soci stabili, Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy

Italian Banks: market instability has reduced the weight of core shareholders

22 January 2017 • Articles

Alerion, la dura battaglia per l’energia eolica tra francesi, italiani e altoatesini - Business Insider, Italy

Morrow Sodali acts as proxy solicitor in Alerion Clean Power Extraordinary General Meeting

10 January 2017 • Articles

Salaires des patrons : les entreprises préparent Sapin II - Les Echos, France

Executive compensation: French companies get ready for Sapin II law

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