01 Feb 2018 • Activist Insight • Interviews Investors seek more insight into boardrooms: survey

Morrow Sodali Institutional Investor Survey 2018 suggests investors are lusting for more insight into how boardrooms are operating, raising the demands on direc

28 Nov 2017 • Listed@ASX - Asutralia • Articles The third way

Australia's big asset managers are ramping up scrutiny of listed company boards. Yet little seems to be changing when it comes to holding individual directo

10 Nov 2017 • Remunerazione vertici, che cosa succede nelle assemblee delle quotate in Europa - Formiche, Italy • Articles Executive remuneration landscape in Europe

For what concerns the approval of remuneration policies of chairmen and CEOs in listed companies, Italy is in pole position in Europe. During the annual

10 Jul 2017 • Proxy advisors: un seguimento riguroso de los Consejos - Consejeros, Spain • Articles Proxy Advisors: A rigorous monitoring of the Board of Directors

In a recent chat with the magazine Consejeros, Borja Miranda, Director Morrow Sodali Spain, was asked to comment on board dinamycs and corporate governance matt

27 Jun 2017 • Paul De Nicola - PWC, USA • Interviews What's Trending In Corporate Governance Today?

From hedge fund activism to board refreshment, corporate governance is very much front and center in today’s business conversation. Morrow Sodali's ch

14 Apr 2017 • Comp Directors face heightened investor scrutiny - Agenda Week, US • Articles Investors demand greater rigor and simplification in pay structures

"In assessing performance, investors are taking a more customized and less benchmarked approach in looking at companies," said John Wilcox, chair

13 Mar 2017 • Tesoro, attento alle nomine. I fondi pesano come te - L'Economia, Italy • Articles Boards' renewals: international funds and the Ministry of Finance have now the same weight

"Similarly to other shareholders, the Ministry of Finance is undoubtedly aware that funds' weight requires a greater adherence to&n

01 Mar 2017 • Corporate governance is no longer just about the Annual Meeting • Articles MORROW SODALI ANNUAL INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR SURVEY 2017

Better disclosure of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, increased access to board members, disclosure of a board skills matrix, a robust boa

27 Feb 2017 • Piazza Affari, quando i fondi alzano la voce - MAG, Italy • Articles Boards' renewals: increased participation of minority shareholders is the new trend

Following lastest boards' renewals in which minority shareholders' participation has been increasingly decisive, Andrea Di Segni, Morrow Sodali Man

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