03 Aug 2022 • The Shareholder Services Optimizer • Articles Morrow Sodali Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary by "Building Together"

In this feature, The OPTIMIZER interviews Morrow Sodali's Adam Frederick, Bill Ultan and Greg Reppucci.

25 May 2022 • RI - RELAÇÕES COM INVESTIDORES • Interviews International investors tend to focus on Environmental, Social and Governance aspects in their investment decisions

Read the interview with Agnés Blanco Querido, Senior Director at Morrow Sodali Brazil

27 Apr 2022 • Cinco Días • Articles Spanish shareholders' rebellion reaches the Ibex 35

Board remuneration and composition are the focus of criticism from investment funds at the AGMs

22 Apr 2022 • BoardIQ • Articles Closed-end Fund Boards Should Brace for Heightened Activism

In this piece Steve Messinger makes the case why Closed-end Fund Boards should brace for heightened activism.

07 Mar 2022 • La Informacion • Articles Shareholder activism in 2022 in the Spanish market: Climate change, diversity and remuneration

Climate change will be at the forefront of shareholders' activism during the 2022 Spanish AGMs as well as salaries and diversity on boards.

06 Mar 2022 • Radio WTVB • Articles Japan Inc feels the heat over Russia ties as Western rivals shun Moscow

Read about how Japanese firms are becoming more responsive to pressure on social issues as a consequence of the current Russia-Ukraine conflict.

21 Feb 2022 • Europa Press • Articles Spanish 2022 AGMs focus on Remuneration and ESG criteria

The key issues of the 2022 Spanish AGM season will be the board remuneration and sustainability policies of companies.

14 Feb 2022 • Social Investor • Articles Spanish 2022 AGMs: IBEX values must focus on diversity

Shareholders will be especially belligerent this season at meetings of companies that neglect gender diversity minimums

11 Feb 2022 • Cinco Días • Articles Board remuneration is the hot topic of the next Spanish AGM season

Read more about ESG criteria and board remuneration at the 2022 Spanish AGMs.

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