09 Jul 2021 • Inversion • Articles Spanish Market: Activism gets stuck in the "G" among ESG

Read about activism relating to Corporate Governance

03 Jun 2021 • IR Magazine • Articles Issuers exploring ‘other avenues’ of communication in activism defense, advisers say

IR Magazine discusses the influence the pandemic has had on planned shareholder activism campaigns and communication methods

31 May 2021 • Social Investor • Articles Only 3% of the large institutional investors neglect climate change when investing in assets

58% of investors - surveyed in the latest Morrow Sodali's report - consider that climate change risks are very relevant and a pressing concern

28 May 2021 • IR Magazine • Articles Index investors continue to expand ESG focus, survey finds

IR Magazine discusses the increasing importance of ESG factors to large institutional investors as highlighted in the Morrow Sodali 2021 IIS

14 May 2021 • RankiaPro • Articles Sustainability, the focus of institutional investors

Funds ask companies to improve their non-financial practices by giving sustainability a strategic position

26 Apr 2021 • L'Economia-Il Corriere della Sera • Articles The “ESG” shareholder takes the floor at the AGM season in Italy

Read about the role of proxy solicitor and the importance of shareholder engagement

29 Mar 2021 • Forética • Articles Sustainability integration in corporate governance models and corporate purpose

Corporate value creation through good governance and extra-financial management, ESG or sustainability competencies in the Boards of Directors

08 Mar 2021 • A&F la Repubblica • Articles List of candidates from the outgoing Board of Directors to form the new Board in Italian listed companies

Read about the governance model of Italian companies which is increasingly closer to public companies

01 Mar 2021 • El Economista • Articles Banking sector during Covid-19: Consolidation or Activism?

Pandemic is deeply impacting the already complex situation of the banking sector

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