01 Nov 2011 • Articles 3 February 2011

Governance relating to remuneration of the executive management in listed companies For the third year in a row Sodali organizes, together with the law firm

01 Nov 2011 • Articles Investor Relations Global Rankings 14 April 2011

IR Summit - Europe Giulio Pediconi is invited to speak on the topic of "Convergence of Investor Relations and Corporate Governance - from theory to implementat

01 Nov 2011 • Articles Maxima Treinamento Empresarial 5 April 2011

Seminario Passo a Passo para Abertura do Capital The IPO pipeline in Brazil is expected to represent the best year since 2004. The Seminar focuses on the steps

01 Nov 2011 • Articles Sodali 7 February 2011

Commenti alla "Richiesta di informazioni in materia di remunerazioni, autovalutazione dell'organo amministrazione e piani di successione". Cons

01 Nov 2011 • Articles Rivista AIAF 1 March 2011

01 Nov 2011 • Articles Journal of Law and Contemporary Problems 1 January 2011

Comply and Explain: Should Directors have a Duty to Inform? John Wilcox’s article argues that the directors of publicly held companies have the duty to

30 Sep 2011 • Articles The Qatar Peninsula 8 May 2010

Family Firms should resolve issues before IPO The attention to corporate governance is very high in the Middle East Region. This article deals with the speci

30 Sep 2011 • Articles The Banker 1 May 2010

Survival or Siesta? Sodali provides expert advice on Italian governance and the current financial situation on this ad hoc report on Italy, that will be dist

01 Aug 2011 • Articles Cuidado com eles - Capital Abierto

The article describes the influence of Proxy Advisors in the Brazilian markets during the AGM 2011 season and highlights high profile cases in which negative

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