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01 Aug 2009

Report on 'CEO Succession Planning

The Conference Board Executive Action Report on "CEO Succession Planning", published in August 2009 was co-authored by Wilcox...
04 Jun 2009

Corporate Governance Predictions in The Wake of The Global Economic Crisis

John Wilcox is one of the panellists of the corporate governance session of the Latin the Chairman American Cities Conference, hosted by the American Society...
24 Apr 2009

Comparative Analysis of European Legislation: Dealing with Takeover Bids

It is meant to help companies and their advisors to understand and deal effectively with the interplay of Takeover Regulation within the European Union and t...
01 Dec 2008

Seoul Purpose

The article describes the most typical features of the South Korean market and discusses how the more forward-thinking South Korean firms are aiming at attra...