Professional development at Morrow Sodali:

My progression at Morrow Sodali has been driven by the collective focus on excellence, the precision of thought in serving our clients, and developing the depth of knowledge and expertise together with my colleagues. The spirit and practice of collaboration also creates opportunities to expand our capabilities and services. I’ve also benefited from strong mentorship which has had a tremendous impact on my professional growth and as the lead of the Corporate Governance team.

Generating value creation for our clients:

We are in an era where the convergence of corporate governance, executive compensation, and environmental and social issues places new demands on corporations. That’s combined with increased shareholder and other stakeholder pressures. Together, it enables us to play an increasingly critical role in helping our clients navigate the associated risks and ensure that they adapt and respond accordingly.

The growing importance of ESG and sustainability for our clients:

The growing importance of ESG and sustainability provides companies greater opportunities to foster and strengthen relationships with their shareholders and other key stakeholders. It’s the opportunity to truly own their stories with conviction and credibility, while also proactively adopting and enhancing policies, practices, and disclosures that resonate with investors to further strengthen their overall ESG profile.

How globalization is changing the future of global corporations and our role in helping our clients realize that future:

Globalization no longer implies distance, but instead, unity. The events of recent years – the pandemic, the racial justice movement, the war in Ukraine – have reinforced that there is greater strength in working to find solutions together. That’s what enables companies that operate globally today to achieve resilience. Our role in that dynamic is to provide our clients with insightful, strategic guidance. Our global footprint combines with both regional and local expertise, which is now all the more important.

The biggest opportunities Morrow Sodali is planning for and seizing on, as we enter our sixth decade:

Continued globalization, the convergence of corporate governance, executive compensation, and sustainability matters, along with the increased interest in ESG from investors and other stakeholders, will increase in importance the value of our expertise and advice. The innovative and creative ways in which we collaborate with our clients to further enhance their overall governance and sustainability profiles will continue to create more opportunities for us as we enter our sixth decade serving our clients.

The best thing about working at Morrow Sodali:

It’s the people. My colleagues inspire me every day to be my highest professional self and the best person that I can be as a leader, teammate, and a strategic partner to our clients. I feel privileged to be surrounded by incredibly smart and talented people who treat one another with 100% respect, and where integrity, honesty, and candor matter. It’s a culture of excellence, and the practice of it as we serve our clients.