Professional development at Morrow Sodali:

My passion for the business and commitment to providing high level service to our clients is what drives me, overall. That said, Joe Morrow, founder of Morrow & Co., has been a personal mentor of mine from the beginning. He saw certain qualities in me and gave me the opportunities to perform and achieve my goals. I vowed that I would never let Joe, myself, our company or our clients’ down, and I vowed to continue to advance in ways that would benefits our clients most. The end results for me--and I have to believe for our company--has been a most rewarding tenure at Morrow Sodali.

The growing importance of ESG and sustainability for our clients:

ESG and sustainability have been hot topics for many years now. Companies and/or clients across the board are at various stages with ESG and sustainability. However, regardless of what stage they are in, there are continuous challenges to be met, particularly when companies underperform or are in the spotlight for one reason or another. Since we are true advisors, it is up to us to stay in constant contact with our clients and to question and discuss the pertinent topics of today, and how it all relates to our clients. When serious solutions are needed, we again assess the need and pull in our resources.

The biggest opportunities Morrow Sodali is planning for and seizing on, as we enter our sixth decade:

The sky’s the limit, as long as we work hard to keep our competitive edge. I do not believe there is a firm out there that services clients better than we do. Getting non-clients to hear and learn more about us, is the key to growth – this is where our new business development team can make a difference. We have quite a track record with our current clients and longevity and expect more of the same to come.

The best thing about working at Morrow Sodali:

For me, it is mostly the independence. I have paid my dues and am a trusted and valued employee, who can take hold of a client and/or assignment and have free reign, without being micromanaged or hovered over. Everyone knows the job is getting done. This is not to say that I work alone, as there is much collaboration between my colleagues and my team. I hope that my team members value my experience equally and see me as a true mentor, which for me is also rewarding. I look forward to another decade at the firm.