03 Nov 2017 • Il cambiamento climatico bussa alle porte delle società quotate - Formiche, Italy • Articles Climate change knocks on issuers' doors

During the past AGM season, few companies especially in US and UK, received proposals from their shareholders related to climate change issues, generally aiming

02 Nov 2017 • Five questions with Morrow Sodali’s new corporate governance director - IR magazine, UK • Interviews Emphasis on high standards of corporate governance is steadily growing

"Attitudes to corporate governance issues have changed significantly over the last decade. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, perpetuated by the col


 Oliver Parry has joined Morrow Sodali as Corporate Governance Director.  Oliver will provide strategic counsel and advice to clients on complex

19 Oct 2017 • Informed, The voice of Investor relations in UK • Articles Bond Investors and ESG perceptions

Both debt IR and environmental, social and governance (ESG) have evolved significantly over the past decade according to INFORMED latest Autumn 2017 issue.

05 Oct 2017 • ABC • Interviews Michael Chandler talks about remuneration and ESG issues on ABC

"Last year was a surprise to us, we saw higher level of dissent on remuneration than we had expected, particularly when you think that we are now six years

19 Sep 2017 • Five questions with Morrow Sodali’s Charlie Koons - IR Magazine, UK • Interviews Don’t take shareholder support for granted and keep discussions within the boardroom when faced with an activist or contested situation

Charles Koons, who recently joined Morrow Sodali as managing director of activism and contested situations advisory group, replied to IR Magazine'

15 Sep 2017 • Sky News - Australia • Interviews Michael Chandler comments trends and outcomes of the Australian AGM season on Sky News

"The upcoming shareholders' season is expected to be yet another exciting one and we are observing two general trends: the first one is the role of env

11 Sep 2017 • Morrow Sodali • Press Releases Morrow Sodali appoints Grace Chan as Director of Business Development Australia

Grace Chan has joined Morrow Sodali as Director of Business Development. Grace will support the Company’s growing portfolio of ASX listed clients, includi

05 Sep 2017 • Morrow Sodali • Press Releases Morrow Sodali appoints Charles A. Koons as Managing Director, Activism & Contested Situations Advisory Group

Charles A. Koons has joined Morrow Sodali as Managing Director of its Activism & Contested Situations Advisory Group. Charlie will provide strategic counsel

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