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01 Jan 2010

Strategic Governance Issues for the 2010 Proxy Season

John Wilcox authors the new Director Notes release, entitled "From Compliance Governance to Strategic Governance" and discusses a basic framework t...
21 Sep 2009

Conference Board Task force on Executive Compensation

The Task Force provided guiding principles for companies to demonstrate real commitment to best practices in executive compensation and take action to restor...
09 Sep 2009

John Wilcox is one of the 28 leaders who joined and signed the Statement of the Aspen Institute Business & Society Program's Corporate Values Strategy Group

The document contains a call to end the focus on value-destroying short-termism and create public policies that reward long-term value creation for investors...
01 Aug 2009

Report on 'CEO Succession Planning

The Conference Board Executive Action Report on "CEO Succession Planning", published in August 2009 was co-authored by Wilcox ...